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NUSHU Research

Nushu Research is our advanced suite for analyzing a person’s gait. It comprises a range of assessment modes and computes more than 35 gait parameters. Nushu Research comes with its dedicated app and dashboard. Gait analysis can be performed in laboratory settings or real-life conditions allowing to collect data almost anywhere. The sharing and managing of data is handled seamlessly. Nushu Research offers a range of vibrotactile feedback modes that can be applied while walking.

Nushu Kids


Introducing NUSHU Kids - our new sensor-integrated footwear designed for kids. You can get a detailed walking analysis and mobility assessment of your children while they are playing or walking. With our real-time vibrotactile feedback, gamified assessments and exercises can be performed.


NUSHU X is our most user-friendly solution developed for users of any age and background. It can be used for tracking activities, in depth analysis of walking patterns, and assessment of wellbeing.


Nushu is a medical device that enables patients to collect data on their gait and share this data with healthcare professionals. Nushu can provide vibrotactile feedback to assist patients while walking.

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